What we take!

A $10.00 DISPOSAL FEE applies to laser jet printers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, small refrigerators, water coolers, and other coolant containing appliances. 
                                   ** All above should not be actively leaking. **

WE ACCEPT all  items listed below at NO charge:
  • Computers, laptops, servers, routers, and peripherals such as mice, keyboards, plastic speakers, and microphones.

  • TVs, monitors and flat screens.  TVs must be whole and in tact (No broken or exposed TV tubes).
  • Hard drives, optical drives, motherboards, daughter boards, ram, CD ROMs, etc. We do not re-market or reuse any data storage devices.  

  • Printers, fax machines, typewriters, scanners, toner cartridges, cameras, calculators, and small medical equipment.

  • Cell phones (including battery), cordless phones, telephones, PDA's, Ipods, tablets, and chargers. 

  • Batteries accepted include auto/marine, laptop, cell phone, lithium and battery backups.   

  •  All types of cables and wires.

  • Audio/visual equipment, stereos, CD/DVD players, console gaming systems, cassette players, remote controls (no wooden cased items)

  • Small household appliances like toasters, microwaves (not glass plate), toaster ovens, blenders (not glass bowls), mixers, vacuum cleaners  (remove dust bagand power tools.

We do not accept any type of light bulb, disposable/single-use batteries, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, thermometers, thermostats, glass blender bowls or microwave plates, VCR tapes or CD/Floppy/DVD disks, wooden cased stereo speakers or components, furniture, electric organs, heating pads/blankets, cushioned chairs, mattresses, plastic bags, cardboard, plastic bins, Styrofoam,  wood, firearms, or hazardous materials such as paint or chemicals.  These materials will be sorted out at at the truck and returned to our customer for proper disposal.

See our "Where Can Everything Else Go?" page for more information.

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